The Virtual Leadership Symposium is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to come together for open dialogue and exchange of ideas. Please keep the following in mind as you are participating in the virtual experience:

  • Information should be presented in the spirit of sharing ideas rather than promotion of any specific product or service.
  • Help us keep your information safe by not sharing your login information or credentials.
  • Presentations given during the virtual experience are intended for Symposium registrants only and should not be recorded or rebroadcasted through any other account or platform.
  • In the spirit of open dialogue and idea exchange, please be considerate, respectful and collaborative in your interactions with other Symposium participants.
  • ACHE embraces diversity and inclusion within the healthcare management field. Cruel or insensitive content or images, harassment, bullying, inappropriate sexual language or images, hate speech and otherwise exclusionary language will not be tolerated.

To help ensure an optimal experience for all participants and faculty, individuals not adhering to the User Code of Conduct may risk expulsion from the Symposium.

If you have any questions about the User Code of Conduct, or have concerns about inappropriate interactions during the Symposium, please contact our Customer Service Center at