Headshot of Tracey Graham

Tracey Graham, DNP, APRN

Senior Healthcare Consultant

Hord Coplan Macht

Tracey Graham is a strategist, healthcare planner and principal at Hord Coplan Macht. She has a doctorate in nursing practice, a master’s degree in business (in change management), and a passion for operational and clinical resilience. She is considered an industry expert in disaster preparedness and continuity of operations and intent-based leadership. She teaches nursing and Lean Six Sigma for healthcare. In addition, she has served for over 30 years as a clinician and healthcare strategist in progressive appointments in healthcare leadership, education, operational readiness, quality and systems redesign, regularity and accreditation affairs. Dr. Graham has had proven success in federal, public and for-profit healthcare program development, leading people and facilitating successful outcomes in operations and design for creation and sustainability of highly reliable organizations.


Rethinking Healthcare Facility Design Post-Pandemic

Presented by Tracey Graham, DNP, APRN, Jim Albert, Rob Schoeck, Tim Putnam, DHA, FACHE at 1:10 PM on Tuesday, March 23rd.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the nation, healthcare facilities have struggled to accommodate the influx of patients. With field hospitals being constructed in parks and convention centers repurposed to house additional hospital beds, it is necessary to rethink and plan the design and redesign of future healthcare facilities. As this current crisis ebbs, health…