Headshot of Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson, RN

Chief High Reliability Officer

VA Heartland Network/VISN 15

Tim Anderson serves as the chief high reliability officer for the VA Heartland Network/VISN 15 and has extensive experience in performance improvement. He led a facility-wide high reliability project from 2015 to 2019 at the Truman VA Hospital. This project included conducting CRM-based training for more than 40 clinical and nonclinical units and more than 1,500 employees receiving CTT, and then developing and implementing 75 department-level continuous process improvement boards. These efforts contributed to Truman VA being ranked the No. 1 hospital nationally, among 154 VA medical centers, by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in 2020 for the third consecutive year.

Anderson has served in multiple roles to improve patient safety on a national scale, including on the ACHE Roundtable for Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success.


High Reliability Organization (HRO) Principles Improve VA Workplace Burnout: The Truman THRIVE2 Model

Presented by David Isaacks, FACHE, Sushant Govindan, MD, Tim Anderson, RN, William Patterson, MD at 1:00 PM on Friday, March 26th.

THRIVE2’s implementation at a 1C Veterans Affairs hospital led to sustained HRO and quality improvement practices. At the same time, the facility saw significant improvements in several employee burnout metrics and workplace satisfaction. This culminated in Truman VA being the #1 ranked “Best Places to Work” VHA facility two years in a row. These data…