Thomas V. Cunningham, PhD

Bioethics Director

Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Thomas Cunningham holds a doctorate in history and philosophy of science from the University of Pittsburgh. He also holds a master’s degree in bioethics from University of Pittsburgh and a master’s degree in biology from UC San Diego. He currently serves as a bioethics director at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. In this role, he provides leadership and ethics consultation. His scholarship in bioethics and philosophy of medicine has been published in several journals, including American Journal of Bioethics, Journal of Clinical Ethics, Journal of Medical Ethics and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Cunningham has significant teaching experience in university and professional settings. He has taught over 30 graduate and undergraduate courses in medicine, bioethics, philosophy, biology and genetic counseling. He has given more than 70 presentations and lectures at academic and professional conferences or similar venues on topics in philosophy and bioethics.


Partnering Together for Ethical Planning: A Conversation Between Hospital Leaders and Ethics Directors

Presented by Alan Muster, Jason Lesandrini, FACHE, Nancy E. Gin, Thomas V. Cunningham, PhD at 1:00 PM on Friday, March 26th.

The initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed ethical challenges facing our healthcare systems, including resource shortages, financial concerns and ethical preparedness. As we evolve toward a new normal for healthcare systems, it is imperative that we learn from our experiences and assess the ethical quality of system responses and work toward their improvement. This…