Susan Kheder, LMSW

Former Executive Director, Patient and Community Engagement / Co-Owner

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System / FASK Consulting

For more than 40 years, Susan Kheder has been a patient and family advocate. She has addressed care across the continuum, championed patient empowerment through collaboration, and equipped colleagues and providers with enhanced relationship-based skills to ultimately improve quality and safety. Since 2010, Ms. Kheder led strategic efforts toward improving the overall experience of care at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System based in Ann Arbor, Mich. Her responsibilities included the identification and measurement of related best practices, creative use of patient voice, coaching on the interconnectedness between provider-colleague engagement, quality, safety, and patient experience. She developed the Experience Advisor program that actively uses patient, family and community members as advisers assisting with quality and safety improvements.

Ms. Kheder’s passion continues in consulting, as she provides consultation and training to providers, administrators and organizations on how to create engaged environments while aligning with core business goals. In her retirement, she lends her personal and professional healthcare experiences to two councils: Michigan Hospital Association’s Person and Family Engagement Advisory Council and the Superior Health Patient and Family Advisory Council.


Encouraging Excellence Through a Coaching Model of Leadership

Presented by Stefanie Simmons, MD, Susan Kheder, LMSW at 10:00 AM on Thursday, March 25th.

Many executives and managers employ a feedback-based method of leadership rather than a coaching model. The limitation of a feedback-based model is that it typically emphasizes shortcomings or gaps and doesn’t promote learning. In fact, it often shuts off avenues of knowledge acquisition and self-reflection. This seminar will describe the feedback approach and its shortcomings…