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Steven M. Berkowitz, MD, FACC


SMB Health Consulting

Steve Berkowitz is founder/president of SMB Health Consulting. He has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare practice, management and consulting and developed a successful one-on-one advisory program for CMOs. For 13 years, he served as CMO of St. David’s Healthcare, Austin, Texas, and CMO for the central and west Texas divisions of HCA. In 2008, St. David’s won the Texas Award for Performance Excellence and in 2014 received the national Malcolm Baldrige award. Dr. Berkowitz also was national practice leader for physician services with the Hay Group, a senior executive for Harris Methodist Health System and medical/executive director for Phoenix-based The Travelers. In 2014, Texas Gov. Rick Perry appointed Dr. Berkowitz to serve as chairman of the Board of the Texas Institute for Health Care Quality and Efficiency. Dr. Berkowitz has served as interim CMO of Eastern Maine Health System/president of its medical group since January 2017.


Thursday Hot Topic Session 1 – Healthcare Mega Mergers and the Role and Future of Community Hospitals

Presented by Steven M. Berkowitz, MD, FACC at 7:00 AM on Thursday, March 7th.

In an explosion of hospital mergers and acquisitions, healthcare entities have been partnering to increase their chances of survival in a tough new healthcare landscape. Many in the healthcare field believe these new affiliations are bringing about greater efficiency, higher quality of care and increased operational savings—all necessary goals in our value-based care environment. However,…