Stefanie Simmons, MD

Vice President, Patient and Clinician Experience

Envision Physician Services

Stefanie Simmons serves as vice president of patient and clinician experience with Envision Physician Services, a national medical group of more than 25,000 clinicians. In addition to relational excellence, Dr. Simmons leads the organization’s work on professional well-being, including peer support programs during litigation and adverse events, and extensive support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Simmons is a board certified emergency medicine physician with more than 15 years of clinical practice. Throughout her career, she has focused on research, development and implementation of programs designed to strengthen the relational skills of physicians and advanced practice providers, enhance professional well-being among clinicians, and engage teams in the practice of medicine. First as a clinician lead for patient experience at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, and later as a patient experience and clinician engagement director for a medical group, Dr. Simmons developed and refined two unique coaching programs: one that encourages real-time reflection on performance by practicing clinicians and another that intensively supports struggling clinicians during difficult career periods.


Encouraging Excellence Through a Coaching Model of Leadership

Presented by Stefanie Simmons, MD, Susan Kheder, LMSW at 10:00 AM on Thursday, March 25th.

Many executives and managers employ a feedback-based method of leadership rather than a coaching model. The limitation of a feedback-based model is that it typically emphasizes shortcomings or gaps and doesn’t promote learning. In fact, it often shuts off avenues of knowledge acquisition and self-reflection. This seminar will describe the feedback approach and its shortcomings…