Headshot of Risto Miettunen

Risto Miettunen, MedSc

Chief Executive

Kuopio University Hospital District

Risto Miettunen is chief executive of Kuopio University Hospital District in Finland. Prior to engaging in healthcare management, he served in the pharmaceutical and medical engineering industries as president of Orion Pharma, a global business, and vice president of Siemens Medical Solutions in Germany, Switzerland and Finland. Earlier in his career he worked as a medical doctor. Dr. Miettunen is a radiologist by training. He completed his doctoral thesis on medical physics, and he has published 12 articles in international medical journals.


Leadership Insights: Global Learnings from the Pandemic

Presented by Lee Chien Earn, Bertrand Levrat, Lesley Dwyer, Risto Miettunen, MedSc at 11:15 AM on Thursday, March 25th.

When solutions to common problems are discovered, recognizing the value of that information and spreading it as widely as possible is essential. Sharing best practices and lessons can help others drive change, reduce variations in care and improve the lives of patients. In this session hosted by the International Hospital Federation, healthcare leaders from across…