Headshot of Nathan S. Kaufman

Nathan S. Kaufman

Managing Director/Founder

Kaufman Strategic Advisors LLC

Nathan Kaufman is managing director/founder of  Kaufman Strategic Advisors LLC, an established San Diego-based company. A noted consultant, author and lecturer, Mr. Kaufman has made significant contributions  to the body of healthcare literature during his more than 40 years’ experience  in the healthcare industry, including more than 76 published articles.

As a nationally renowned expert in the areas of peak-performing hospitals and physician  groups, hospital strategy, physician compensation, integrated delivery systems,  managed care, joint ventures and dispute resolution, he has served as an expert  witness in healthcare arbitration cases. He regularly speaks on these topics  and others for numerous health system organizations and healthcare associations  throughout the country and presents at numerous major conferences as a keynote  speaker. Throughout his career, Mr. Kaufman has held executive positions,  including president/COO of an imaging center company. He holds a master’s degree in health systems and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.


Hot Topic: The Health System 2021 Playbook

Presented by Nathan S. Kaufman at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, March 24th.

Many health systems were experiencing financial difficulties before the pandemic. The surge of COVID-19 patients accompanied by the unprecedented decline in most other categories of patients have placed significantly more health systems in a precarious financial position. The macroeconomics in most markets do not help matters, as millions of workers have become unemployed, losing their…