Melody Danko-Holsomback, CRNP

Chief Administrative Officer/Director, Operations

Geisinger Health System

Melody Danko-Holsomback has more than 26 years of practice experience in nursing, 20 of which have been within Geisinger. She previously served in roles in community practice, inpatient care, IT and population health consulting before entering her current roles as chief administrative officer/director of operations for Keystone Accountable Care Organization LLC and as an “SNFist” (nursing home specialist) for Geisinger Clinic. Keystone ACO is a Medicare Shared Savings Program, Basic Level E Track ACO serving more than 75,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Ms. Danko-Holsomback is a member of the National Association of ACOs’ Quality Committee and The National Quality Forum’s Measure-Loop-Feedback Committee, Health Care Transformation Task Force Board, and Days-at-Home Technical Expert Panel.

Ms. Danko-Holsomback’s vast experience gives her the unique ability to see multiple perspectives of data analysis and platform and program development in value-based care. She attended Ohio University for her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and Wilkes University for her Master of Science degree in nursing as an adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner.


Care Redesign: Improve Quality Measures, Close Care Gaps and Create Operational Efficiencies

Presented by Melody Danko-Holsomback, CRNP at 10:00 AM on Monday, March 22nd.

As healthcare continues to shift to value-based care for improved outcomes and lower costs, providers turn to health network strategies to manage the health of patients across a complex and diverse technology landscape. Geisinger Health System’s care redesign project focused on the utilization of robust intelligence and analytical capabilities to bring together big data for…