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Joshua Titus


Gozio Health

Joshua Titus is an accomplished engineer and business leader whose passion for creating a digital solution that transforms patient experience led him to co-found Gozio Health in 2014. Gozio’s patented indoor navigation and digital front door solution is deployed at over 125 healthcare facilities and growing. Prior to co-founding Gozio, Mr. Titus held management and technical leadership positions at visual computing company NVIDIA for 12 years. At NVIDIA, Mr. Titus was responsible for the success of the chipset business unit, which increased from $200 million to $870 million in annual revenue, before switching his focus to mobile processors. In that role, he accelerated revenue from $150 million to $590 million in just two years. During this time with the company, NVIDIA chips powered products ranging from Microsoft’s Xbox, to Apple’s MacBook Pro, to high-end smartphones and the Tesla Model S Center Console.

Prior to NVIDIA, Mr. Titus served in application-specific integrated circuit design, system engineering and management roles at computer technology companies including Dell Computers, Ross Technology and networking startup Xpeed. He has authored 11 patents and holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Leadership Insights: Health System and Industry Partnerships

Presented by Lisa Stump, Joshua Titus at 2:45 PM on Tuesday, April 12th.

Partnerships are the future of healthcare, whether across health systems, between hospitals and community organizations, or with big tech. Join Lisa Stump, senior vice president/CIO for Yale New Haven Health System, and Joshua Titus, CEO/Founder of Gozio Health, as they discuss their collaboration to develop a mobile app to support patients in navigating the health…