Jonathan Burroughs, MD, FACHE


The Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network, Inc.

Jon Burroughs is president/CEO of The Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network Inc. He is a national healthcare administrative expert and has participated in more than 130 legal cases over the past decade. He is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at the Concord Law School, Los Angeles. He serves on the COVID-19 Policy Task Force of the Griffin Prevention Research Center, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Dr. Burroughs also serves as an ACHE Faculty Associate and on the national faculty of the American Association for Physician Leadership. He is the author, coauthor or editor of several books, including Essential Operational Components for High-Performing Healthcare Enterprises, which was honored with the 2020 ACHE James A. Hamilton Award for outstanding healthcare management book.

Dr. Burroughs is a former senior consultant/director of education services for The Greeley Company. He is also a past medical staff president, past president of the New Hampshire chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and a former ED medical director. He previously served on the governing board of Memorial Hospital in New Hampshire and as a clinical faculty member at Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Burroughs earned his bachelor’s degree at Johns Hopkins University, his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University, and a healthcare Master of Business Administration degree with honors at the Isenberg School of Management. He is a certified physician executive and fellow of the AAPL. He was honored recently with an ACHE Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Burroughs is board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow.


HAP Management Series Panel

Presented by Ryan Donohue, Stephen K. Klasko, MD, Jonathan Burroughs, MD, FACHE, Tracy Duberman, PhD, FACHE at 1:00 PM on Friday, March 26th.

Who is driving healthcare innovation and how has it become even more critical during this past year? Thought leaders will share their insights on innovation and how the pandemic has affected population health and consumer-driven healthcare. They will also offer their perspectives on what the “next big thing” will be in healthcare. Learning Objectives: Understand…

The COVID-19 Pandemic: What Went Right and What Went Wrong

Presented by Jonathan Burroughs, MD, FACHE at 1:10 PM on Monday, March 22nd.

Due to climate change and population expansion, global pandemics are on the rise. In the wake of the historic COVID-19 pandemic it will be essential to perform a retrospective analysis utilizing the perspectives and expertise of public health, epidemiology, political, economic, social services, medical and healthcare administrative leaders to cull key learnings so that we…