John Osborn

Senior Director, International Operations

Mayo Clinic

John Osborn is senior director for international operations and service delivery at Mayo Clinic, where he leads a team managing clinical operations and delivering services to clients around the globe. Prior to his current role, he was operations administrator in the Department of Provider Relations. Previously, he served as operations manager for general and trauma surgery and for the Mayo Clinic Trauma Centers. Mr. Osborn also serves as assistant professor of healthcare systems engineering at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. He is active in healthcare preparedness and response activities at the national level. Mr. Osborn received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Science degree in decision science from the London School of Economics.


The Importance of Culture When Forming Successful International Joint Ventures

Presented by Andrew Parks, John Osborn at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, March 23rd.

This seminar will provide a wider context for understanding joint ventures as an entry mode of choice for the service industry, with particular focus on the challenges of forming international joint ventures. Faculty will share numerous examples of successful joint ventures, challenges organizations have faced and what lessons can be learned. Faculty will use a…