Headshot of Christy Dueck

Christy Dueck, PhD

Vice President/General Manager, Real World Data and Clinical Research


As vice president and general manager of real world data and clinical research for Cerner, Christine Dueck provides oversight on the strategy, development and implementation of solutions and services that enable clinical research. Her experience working with thought leaders in integrative medicine and operational and clinical software development landed her in a position at Cerner to manage organizational leadership responsibilities of a major research organization. Dr. Dueck joined Cerner in 2002 as a clinical researcher. Since then, she has held several roles with the company, such as clinical researcher, director and senior director of RWD and clinical research. Prior to Cerner, she led operations and clinical software development for industry leaders in integrative medicine.

Dr. Dueck also helped launch proprietary clinical operating systems in integrative medicine and founded the first mobile diagnostic imaging company in the western United States specializing in bone densitometry and women’s healthcare. Dr. Dueck was the primary researcher in the etiology and treatment of the female athlete triad. She was awarded grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Gatorade Sport Sciences Institute and Reebok Sport Sciences. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, San Diego, a Master of Science degree from Georgia State University and a Doctorate of Philosophy degree from Arizona State University.


How Health System Diversity Will Help Usher in the Golden Age of Research

Presented by John Potthoff, PhD, Christy Dueck, PhD at 1:10 PM on Tuesday, March 23rd.

It takes more than 17 years and costs approximately $2.5 billion to bring a drug to market. Cerner, in collaboration with Elligo Health Research, is on a mission to help life sciences and all U.S. health systems revolutionize clinical research and trials through a network of de-identified, standardized EHR data and diverse, research-ready health systems.…