Carson Dye, FACHE


Exceptional Leadership LLC

Carson F. Dye, president/CEO, Exceptional Leadership LLC, is an executive recruiter with more than 40 years of leadership and management experience. He has taught many individuals during the past 30-plus years with ACHE, the University of Alabama-Birmingham and The Ohio State University. For the past 24 years, Mr. Dye has conducted more than 700 leadership searches for health systems, academic medical centers and universities. For 20 years he worked in healthcare administration at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio; The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; and Clermont Mercy Hospital, Cincinnati. He teaches in the ACHE Board of Governors Exam Review Course and serves as lead faculty in several courses on topics including leadership, physician engagement and clinical integration. He has authored 12 books, including three ACHE James A. Hamilton Book of the Year Award winners. Mr. Dye earned his Master of Business Administration degree at Xavier University, Cincinnati, and his Bachelor of Arts degree at Marietta (Ohio) College. He is board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow.


HAP Leadership Panel

Presented by Diane L. Dixon, EdD, Carson Dye, FACHE, Michael Frisina, PhD at 1:00 PM on Friday, March 26th.

How can you expand your leadership toolbox? Recognized leadership experts will share practical lessons learned on applying skills in nontraditional ways and using professional networks differently today. Learning Objectives: Understand how leadership traits have evolved over time, particularly over the last year during the pandemic. Explore some of the less obvious leadership qualities and how…

Physician Engagement: Needed Now More Than Ever!

Presented by Kathleen Forbes, MD, Carson Dye, FACHE at 1:10 PM on Wednesday, March 24th.

COVID-19 has changed all of healthcare, and caregivers will continue to feel the effects of the pandemic for years. It is likely that our healthcare system will be significantly reshaped as a result. One question that might be asked is, “Who will lead the changes?” Physicians have always been at the forefront of healthcare; essentially,…

Selecting the Best Physician Leaders: Mistakes Are Costly!

Presented by Carson Dye, FACHE, Raúl Zambrano, MD, FACHE at 3:45 PM on Tuesday, March 23rd.

Clearly, there is an insatiable demand for more physician leaders in healthcare, and the supply of experienced and capable physicians leaders cannot currently meet this need. Choosing a physician leader is a serious process, and the consequences of choosing the wrong physician leader are great. Typically before selecting a physician leader, a good bit of…