Andrew Parks

Manager, International Advisory Services

Mayo Clinic

Andrew Parks is responsible for the strategic development of Mayo Clinic’s International Advisory Services program and the execution of client engagements around the world. He has spent much of his career working as a business strategist focused on organizational design. Mr. Parks, who recently completed a Master of Business Administration degree from Warwick Business School, has worked in numerous industries in operational management and as a business consultant. His experience ranges from mobilizing major contracts, driving efficiency and effectiveness into organizations, working on mergers and acquisitions, and, most recently, forming international joint ventures.


The Importance of Culture When Forming Successful International Joint Ventures

Presented by Andrew Parks, John Osborn at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, March 23rd.

This seminar will provide a wider context for understanding joint ventures as an entry mode of choice for the service industry, with particular focus on the challenges of forming international joint ventures. Faculty will share numerous examples of successful joint ventures, challenges organizations have faced and what lessons can be learned. Faculty will use a…