Shari Silverman, FACHE, OCS, PMP

Chief/Deputy Chief, Strategy Management Division
Defense Health Agency

Shari Silverman is chief, Strategy Management Division, Defense Health Agency, Defense Health Headquarters, Falls Church, Va. The DHA is a joint, integrated combat support agency that enables the Army, Navy and Air Force medical services to provide a ready medical force to combatant commands in both peacetime and wartime. In her capacity, Ms. Silverman facilitates the development of the DHA’s five-year campaign plan, putting strategy to action in the execution of clinic and business operations at more than 450 globally located military medical and dental clinics and hospitals for the Department of Defense. In addition, she executes the DHA Performance Management Framework and administers performance reviews for the Senior Agency Governance Boards to monitor performance and achieve targeted outcomes and measures. She also serves as the Ready Reliable Care project manager, leading the Military Health System’s high reliability organization’s journey to improve system operations, drive innovation solutions and cultivate a culture of safety for the DoD’s 9.6 million beneficiaries. Prior to her current position, Ms. Silverman served 30 years in the United Stated Air Force in a variety of leadership positions, including DHA chief of staff, hospital and clinic CEO and COO equivalent roles. She is a board-certified orthopedic physical therapist (emeritus) and holds certifications in project management and change management. Ms. Silverman is board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow.


Wednesday, March 22
9:00–10:30 a.m.
77X - Ready Reliable Care: The DoD’s Approach to High Reliability Organizations