Knitasha Washington, DHA

Knitasha Washington is a prominent figure in healthcare transformation serving in the capacity of thought leader, advocate, researcher and performance improvement expert working with healthcare systems, U.S. government agencies and numerous policymaker groups to ensure that patient-centered and equitable approaches are at the heart of healthcare redesign and quality improvement efforts. Dr. Washington founded and serves as president/CEO of ATW Health Solutions, a management advisory and research firm based in Chicago. She also serves as board member for the National Quality Forum in Washington, D.C. With more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare serving primarily as a consultant, Dr. Washington brings a multidimensional talent focused primarily in the areas of systems performance improvement, operations efficiency, hospital turnaround, patient safety, patient and family engagement, quality improvement and health equity. Today, she serves in multiple roles driving change and innovation nationally and locally. She is credited for being a key thought leader in the alignment of equity with her work on the Partnership for Patients Campaign and as a contributor to Safety Across the Board and development of the Integrated PFE Index. Dr. Washington has worked as a lead contributor to the work of the CMS Hospital Improvement and Innovations Network and Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative.