Glenn Llopis

CEO/Chief Personalization Officer
Glenn Llopis Group

Glenn Llopis is a Cuban American executive, entrepreneur, senior adviser, and speaker to Fortune 500 companies and organizations in healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods and beyond. He is also the bestselling author of the books Earning Serendipity, The Innovation Mentality and Leadership in the Age of Personalization. In 2022, Mr. Llopis launched his fourth book, Unleashing Individuality. He has been a leadership strategy contributor to Forbes since 2010 and contributes to Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur magazine. Today Mr. Llopis is president of GLLG, a consulting firm that builds high-performance leaders, teams and cultures focusing on inclusion and the power of individuality to achieve growth. Through executive summits, coaching, on-demand training, proprietary assessments and customized strategies for enterprisewide deployment, GLLG helps leaders build systems that put ideas into action. Mr. Llopis is also founder of the Leadership in the Age of Personalization movement that has inspired a grassroots effort among cross-industry executives focused on shedding the limitations of standardization to thrive in our age of personalization. This movement includes a consortium of 100-plus members across four consortium cohorts (healthcare, corporate, higher education and boards) that work together to redefine what leadership really means in today’s more personalized world.


Monday, March 20
10:00–11:30 a.m.
07X - Operationalize Personalization in a Healthcare System