Bamby Salcedo

The TransLatin@ Coalition

Bamby Salcedo is a prominent transgender Latina activist, known globally for her passionate and productive social, political and economic influence. As president and CEO of the TransLatin@ Coalition, the largest trans-led nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, Ms. Salcedo leads this nationally recognized organization that advocates for and addresses the issues of transgender Latinas throughout the United States. Ms. Salcedo’s activist work has brought visibility and given a voice to not only the trans community, but to other initiatives such as immigration, HIV, at-risk youth, LGBTQIA+ issues and incarceration. A recognized public speaker, she has presented to governmental bodies, human rights and social justice organizations and universities. In 2021, Ms. Salcedo visited the White House as an invited guest and valued advocate on the issues of safety, inclusion and other challenges facing transgender individuals. She has been featured in multiple media outlets, including People en Español, Latina magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles magazine and OUT 100, and the HBO documentary The Trans List, among many others. She received her master’s degree in Mexican and Latin American Studies from California State University, Los Angeles.


Tuesday, March 21
2:00–3:00 p.m.
57H - Creating a Gender-Affirming Care Program With the Transgender Community