Using Robust Process Improvement to Facilitate Change and Transform Your Culture

Presented By

Anna ten Napel

Vice President, Care Management/Performance Improvement
Catholic Health Services Long Island

Dawn Allbee

Executive Director, Customer Engagement
Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare
About the Session

Change happens every day across every industry, but effective change is no easy feat, especially in healthcare. It requires everyone working together in pursuit of common goals. In healthcare settings, organizational change starts when leaders strategically empower nurses, doctors and employees at all levels to seek process improvement at every turn. This session features a detailed look at tools and approaches for leading change and sustaining performance gains, as well as understanding how culture can help or hinder the efforts to improve performance at your organization. In addition, this session will spotlight change management tools that increase the exposure and participation of staff and leadership in shaping new solutions and interventions, accelerating the speed at which the proposed change is accepted and reinforcing its effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how healthcare organizations can utilize change management tools and methods to drive a culture of change and improve performance.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of change management in sustaining improvements.