The Post-Pandemic Board Agenda

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Presented By

Kimberly Russel

Russel Advisors
About the Session

The pandemic has touched every aspect of the healthcare world, and board governance is no exception. For many boards, the pandemic was a wake-up call—with a renewed understanding of both the gravity and the purpose of governance. So what is next for the board in the post-pandemic era? This session will help CEOs use the reawakening at the governance level to advance the work of the board and its impact on the organization. Attendees will identify and explore questions for board deliberation within the context of the pandemic’s broad and deep shadow, and topics will include future growth strategies, relationships with public health resources, supply chain, board and leadership succession planning, new partnerships, and bioethics processes. Even the board basics, such as bylaws, meeting dynamics, and executive vs. governance authority levels will need a reexamination. After attending this session, CEOs will have the tools to restructure the board’s to-do list in this post-pandemic environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key governance impact areas that have surfaced as a result of the pandemic.
  • Design a 12–24 month road map specific to the learner’s organization that will encompass an action plan for each element of needed governance reform.