The Patient Navigation Hub in the New Normal

Thursday, March 25
10:00am11:00am CDT

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Presented By

David Wildebrandt

Managing Director
About the Session

Today more than ever, the healthcare delivery system is being challenged to innovate how and where patient care is provided. As the need for more integrated networks continues to grow, the relationship between the physician, health system and technology becomes more important. Health executives and physicians must provide a high-performing network that emphasizes easy access and high-quality care for patients in a variety of care settings. Establishing a Patient Navigation Hub provides an essential bridge to communication, process and accountability throughout a care network. This session will review the benefits of a Patient Navigation Hub and how an organization can enhance their existing patient navigation processes to efficiently navigate patients to the right place at the right time for quality care. This session will discuss when and how to strategically triage patients for virtual care, telemedicine and in-person visits for both primary care and specialists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of establishing a Patient Navigation Hub.
  • Review the workflows and governance structure associated with a Patient Navigation Hub.
  • Learn how algorithms can be used to drive patients to ideal provider based on geography, insurance, cost/quality and access.
  • When to use virtual care for both primary care and specialists.
  • How to connect the physician referrals, ED, IP and all referrals back to the Patient Navigation Hub.


This session is made possible in part by the support of BRG, an ACHE Premier Corporate Partner.