The New Supply Chain Paradigm: C-Suite Strategies for Supply Chain Reengineering

Presented By

James Wetrich, LFACHE

The Wetrich Group of Companies

LeAnn Born

Vice President, Supply Chain
Fairview Health Services
About the Session

C-suite executives have been catapulted into complex supply chain challenges and related disruptions. Clearly, what has worked in the past is no longer relevant for the future. New strategies are needed, and considerations are multifaceted and complex. Health system supply chains need to be reengineered.

In this program, we will discuss new strategic imperatives and offer deep insights and important takeaways that are tangible and usable.

Topics covered will include how health systems should approach reserve stocks, alter their approaches to strategic supplier management, roles key distributors and manufacturers will play going forward, how to migtrate from transactional relationships to strategic partnerships with suppliers, best practices for managing surge inventories, the risks to standardization and how health systems should approach the need for flexibility.

Learning Objectives:

  • Receive insights into strengthening the integration between the C-suite and the supply chain operations.
  • Discuss best practices for strategic planning for the reengineering of the supply chain and the roles for the C-suite.