The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in Accelerating the Movement Toward Value-Based Care

Presented By

Joseph Damore, LFACHE

Damore Health Advisors

Mark Clement

About the Session

After COVID-19, providers will be balancing a return to financial stability, dramatic change in payer mix and an increase in the number of disruptive market entrances. These factors and the resulting impact on health systems have accelerated providers’ movement toward value-based care (VBC). Through Premier’s population health management work with health systems in over 200 markets across 40 states, we have identified how providers can successfully implement VBC models that adapt to shifting payer dynamics and market disruptors, the likes of which they are experiencing now in addition to COVID-19. Keys to success include a holistic approach to VBC models to protect and grow revenue, and building core VBC capabilities. For example, health systems that had telemedicine, call centers and care management programs were better prepared for the pandemic. Partnerships with independent physicians also provided alternatives to health plans or disruptor physician acquisitions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and describe how COVID-19 has influenced greater adoption of value-based care models and payment structures.
  • Analyze a provider’s response to COVID-19–induced market changes, including lessons learned and successes, via a case study.