About the Session

1.5 ACHE Qualified Education credits

This program is complementary and is not eligible for ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits. Registration is required. In the rapidly changing field of healthcare, it is safe to say professionals need a career plan now more than ever. Just as the healthcare environment is no longer predictable, the days of a linear, traditional career path are well behind us. If the field is changing dynamically and you are not proactively managing your career, your progress could be at risk. This session will identify the key elements of an effective career plan and introduce a strategic process to enhance your career and professional development. New career tools and resources developed by ACHE for members will be featured. The ACHE Career Resource Center team of Director Michael A. Broscio and Career Program Specialist, Rachel M. Gregoire, will lead this interactive session designed to benefit both those seeking career planning assistance and those coaching others.