Someday It Will Be Me: Engaging Physicians in Person-Centered Care

Monday, April 11th

About the Session

Healthcare organizations that commit to transforming to a person-centered culture frequently find that their physicians are late or non-adopters of this caring approach. This presentation will examine reasons why physicians may be resistant and discuss strategies that invite physicians to engage, with the rest of the healthcare team, in this most humanistic of endeavors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe three reasons for seeming lack of interest in person-centered care by physicians.
  • Discuss three strategies that engage physicians in person-centered care initiatives.


Presented By

Dael Waxman, MD

Physician Coach
Language of Caring, a Branch of Planetree International

Frederick A. Browne, MD, FSHEA, FACP

Vice President, Medical Affairs/CMO
Griffin Hospital