About the Session

This session will compare the infrastructure and interoperations of a hospital to the human body. Like a human body, a healthcare facility is a complex integration of several systems, all working together according to a specific sequence of operations. Faculty will discuss unusual cases within a hospital that were difficult to “diagnose” and “treat.” They will then discuss a list of potential diagnoses and a “differential diagnosis,” discuss what tests will assist them in making a final diagnosis and determine what the treatment plan will be. Through this exercise, the systems and symptoms experienced in the hospital facility will be compared to systems and symptoms in the body. The goal of this session is for facilities staff bring a better understanding of the complexity of the systems they maintain to the clinical staff in a hospital.

Learning Objectives:

  • Present the various systems and components of a hospital’s building system in a simplified manner.
  • Help clinical staff in a hospital understand the functioning of various building systems and the complex relationships that exist between them.