About the Session

Today more than ever, healthcare providers, leaders and organizations play a crucial role in the prevention of prescription drug-related abuse and overdoses. They are also obligated to promote healing and reduce suffering for millions of patients with chronic pain, many of whom should legitimately have access to opioids. These competing public policy priorities have led to a multitude of statutes, regulations, court cases and other responsibilities that influence healthcare providers and organizations. This session provides you with practical compliance strategies for meeting these obligations and balancing patients’ legitimate need for opioids with concerns about contributing to prescription drug addiction, abuse and overdoses. At the end of the session you will apply what you learned to case scenarios and complete exercises that will help you apply the strategies to your own organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe practical strategies healthcare organizations can use to mitigate patient harm, manage risks and ensure legal compliance related to pain and opioids.
  • Demonstrate how to apply compliance strategies, institutional policies and procedures to applicable scenarios.