S07X—Developing the Next Generation of Leaders: Lessons From the First Ten Years

Tuesday, March 29th

About the Session

Are leaders born or are they made? The truth is that leaders are individuals who have intentionally developed their unique skills and talents and align them with specific goals for maximum success. Leadership is not a position, and there is no one prototype for success as a healthcare executive. Building a successful career is more than acquiring a particular set of skills or achieving the right credentials. It requires keen self-knowledge, performance, character and commitment. Learn from the real-life experiences of two accomplished healthcare executives who have achieved significant success in the first decade of their careers. During this session, discover four pillars of executive excellence: self-awareness, performance, character and commitment. Participants will be challenged to develop a deep and authentic understanding of self. Genuine self-awareness is a catalyst for executive excellence and sustainable career growth. Effective leaders identify and understand their strengths and weaknesses, set goals and measure progress, and consistently seek feedback from peers, subordinates, superiors and trusted advisors. Even the most sincere and intuitive individuals are doomed unless they engage and produce results. High-performing healthcare leaders translate their self-awareness into results by aligning talent with opportunity. This segment will identify and analyze key variables of performance, such as work ethic, intelligence, self-discipline, tenacity and lifelong learning. History can provide numerous examples of highly intelligent and capable leaders who have been derailed by lapses of integrity.

Personal humility, character and sound core values are critical at every level of an organization. Participants will explore elements of servant leadership, establishing trust, followership, networking and powerful relationship building. Finally, it is essential to understand that everyone experiences failure. Successful executives possess courage, tenacity and the ability to overcome adversity. This kind of commitment separates the exceptional from the average. The ability to manage with failure and rebound from mistakes is critical at every stage of one’s career. Brimming with refreshing insights and wisdom, this session provides emerging leaders and industry veterans alike with practical tools and resources to advance their professional performance and career.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover four pillars of executive excellence: self-awareness, performance, character and commitment.
  • Demonstrate practical tips for professional networking, succeeding in job interviews, landing that first position and navigating a career path in healthcare management.


Presented By

Laurie Baedke, FACHE, FACMPE

Director of Healthcare Leadership Programs
Creighton University

Natalie Lamberton, FACHE

Talas Harbor Healthcare