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S05X – The Basics of Grassroots Advocacy

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

Legislators are called to weigh in on numerous issues, from healthcare to energy to farm policy and more. Although lawmakers may be experts on one or two issues, it is impossible for them to master every topic likely to come before Congress. Elected officials rely on good staff work, outside expertise and, most importantly, constituent input to effectively represent the people of their districts or states. That’s why they need, and want, to hear from you. In this session, Erik Rasmussen, vice president, legislative affairs, American Hospital Association, will provide an update on the pressing issues facing Congress and policymakers and how the November midterm elections might impact hospitals and health systems. He also will discuss best practices for establishing and nurturing relationships with elected officials and their key staff members and how you can share your organization’s story for maximum effect.

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Erik Rasmussen

Vice President, Advocacy
American Hospital Association