S03X—Getting the Career You Want in Healthcare

Monday, March 28th

About the Session

The seminar will focus on three key areas for student professional development and career advancement: 1. A deliberate approach to career planning where attendees will be challenged to think about their current career goals and what they might need to achieve them. 2. Getting past the “experience required” conundrum where attendees will learn how to effectively interview, relating desirable traits and attributes, and see real examples of how their graduate coursework, professional association membership, other student clubs, and volunteering can be used to build powerful resumes. 3. Beyond networking: Getting the most from developing lifelong professional relationships where attendees will be challenged to think of networking as a means to building meaningful, lasting, and career-developing professional relationships, rather than an end of getting a particular job.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how to leverage academic, volunteer, and other non-career-related experience toward conveying desirable skills and attributes.
  • Explore powerful examples of how a professional relationship can be lasting and mutually beneficial over a long period of time.


Presented By

Richard J. Priore, ScD, FACHE, FACMPE

Founder/CEO / Distinguished Professor
Excelsior HealthCare Group / University of St. Thomas