S02X—Now What? How Can Diverse Candidates Succeed and Thrive in Healthcare Management

Monday, March 28th

About the Session

This session will begin with a review of the strengths and areas for development common to many diversity candidates and emphasize the particular challenges and triumphs they face. With this material as background, the program will highlight fundamental skills for achieving the goal of career progression and success within the healthcare field from the perspectives of hospital careerists, outpatient careerists, military/VA careerists, and careerists serving in rural and underserved areas. It will discuss how success in the healthcare arena can lead to opportunities in consulting and why diversity candidates have such a strong impact on diversity communities they serve in light of the disparities that exist in the health of these populations. Practical tools (interviewing, branding, networking, management, leadership), programs (ACHE Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program, Executive Program Scholarships, NAHSE, NFLHE) and skills for career planning and growth (self assessments and mentoring) will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine why diversity candidates are ideally suited to healthcare leadership.
  • Explore tools and programs available to plan a career in healthcare leadership.

This session will also be available as an On-Demand Session at the Virtual Leadership Symposium, April 11–12.


Presented By

Raúl Zambrano, MD, FAAFP, FACHE

Senior Consultant
The Greeley Company

Supplemental Resources

Bring these items to the session, or refer to them after the session is over.