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S02B – Six Leadership Principles for Sustaining a Continuous Improvement Culture

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

Using Lean fundamentals is a proven way to foster a continuous improvement culture since, at its core, the Lean system is a learning system. When properly executed and supported by leadership, a Lean management and operating system engages your staff all the way from your executive team to the front lines.

During this seminar, a real-life case study will be shared, showing how, through Catch-Ball Strategy Development, Rapid Improvement Events, Managing for Daily Improvement and other key elements of the Lean Management System, the ED team at a rural hospital created a future state that resulted in better care for patients and more rewarding work for them. In the end, a reduction by more than 30 percent in length-of-stay for discharged patients was just one of the many benefits this team achieved. Applying and practicing Lean, however, is only one piece of the puzzle. The faculty will also discuss how you can foster an environment of experimentation and a culture of learning. Hear from the president of the hospital about how he was able to transmit his vision to the team and the mindset he adopted prior to, and during, the transformation. A rare peek into the mind of a Lean leader will allow you to better grasp the six principles you must embody to foster a sustainable learning organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the six principles of Lean leaders required for developing and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Discover how the proper application of Lean concepts and tools supported by senior leadership can help you achieve sustainable results.

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Presented By

Eddie Perez-Ruberte

Senior Lean Manger / Healthcare Transformation Leader
BayCare Health System / Areito Group

Philip S. Minden, FACHE

President, St. Joseph's Hospital South
BayCare Health System

Javier Figueroa

Performance Improvement Project Manager
BayCare Health System