Resentments, Resignations and Reconnections: Finding Solutions for Today’s Workforce Crisis in Healthcare

Tuesday, April 12th

About the Session

“All they care about is profit over purpose,” “lack of appreciation,” “lack of communication,” “paying travel nurses three times more than me or offering sign-on bonuses to brand new people who really don’t know anything yet!” These are some of the common quotes/reasons swirling around in healthcare of why veteran employees are resentful and resigning. Making 2021 year of “the great resignation.” However, some organizations are taking pragmatic steps to form reconnections with their care team members—and a winning strategy is emerging. During this session, learn more about why employees are leaving the hospital or healthcare industry all together, why current strategies are not working and which ones will start you on the right track and how to help your new employees connect to purpose and your existing employees to reconnect to it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine strategies for overcoming workforce challenges in the modern age.
  • Learn approaches for connecting new and current employees to your organization’s purpose.


Presented By

Jake Poore

President/Chief Experience Officer
Integrated Loyalty Systems, Inc.