Opening Session: The New Normal—Fostering Resilience and Teamwork in the World of Healthcare

Monday, April 11th

About the Session

With a unique macro and micro view of modern healthcare, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, chief medical correspondent for ABC News, will provide thought-provoking insights into the problems facing us in healthcare, as well as suggest some solutions that can be implemented by leaders in the field. Relating her own story of courage and recovery after tragedy struck her family, she will share how it is possible to find strength and comfort, even in what seems like an insurmountable crisis. She will offer motivational guidance on how to work outside of one’s comfort zone, try new things, be a team player, and how to take advantage of both professional and personal obstacles and opportunities as we enter the new world of healthcare.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore solutions for overcoming some of today’s most pressing challenges in healthcare.
  • Describe strategies for fostering resilience in times of crisis.


Presented By

Jennifer Ashton, MD, FACOG

ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent
Good Morning America

Leana Wen, MD

Emergency Physician/Public Health Professor
George Washington University