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Opening Session – Parker B. Francis Distinguished Lecture: The Fallacy of the Impossible

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

Mick Ebeling, CEO, Not Impossible Labs, has passionately studied the concept of “Impossible.” All the modern conveniences we see around us were once considered “impossible” by people who didn’t know any better. Synthetic fabrics, cell phones and digital watches (not to mention cars and computers) were all figments of the imagination until inspiration met execution and the impossible became a reality. Join Mick to take a deeper dive into “Impossible,” so true innovation can take place. Explore how Mick is breaking through the “impossible” to bring life-changing opportunities through ventures including: Project Daniel, The Eyewriter and Project C.O.D.I.

Mick was honored by Advertising Age as one of the “Top 50 Most Creative People” in 2014 and the recipient of the 2014 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award. He is a film/television/commercial producer, philanthropist, technology trailblazer, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, he is the CEO of Not Impossible Labs, whose mission is to develop creative solutions to address real-world problems. Through it, he aims to connect and empower thinkers, dreamers, and doers to change the world.

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Mick Ebeling

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