Navigating “Post-COVID” Consumer Needs: The New Frontier of Home-Based Healthcare Delivery

About the Session

In Washington, the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, the state’s largest community-based nonprofit health system MultiCare, partnered with DispatchHealth, a provider of in-home healthcare, to address COVID-19 related surges in hospital capacity and fear-based deferral of healthcare. The partners worked collaboratively to meet the changing need of the community by launching two pivotal programs, Hospital at Home and Clinic Without Walls. This presentation will examine the adaptive strategy a forward-thinking health system initiated during the height of the pandemic and sustained to address the new normal through an innovative partnership with a tech-enabled, home-based provider. Two different Hospital at Home models launched: one under the CMS Waiver Program and one through a partnership called “Advanced Care” to deliver hospital-level care directly to qualified patients in their environment. Clinic Without Walls addressed patients deferring treatment out of fear or inability to leave home by bringing the care to them. Using technology and an enhanced video visit facilitated by an in-person, highly trained medical technician, the strategy allowed providers to remotely complete a more complex exam on those patients with chronic disease and comorbidities without the patient ever leaving home. An early snapshot of data revealed unprecedented patient satisfaction in both programs with an NPS score of +98. The partnership enabled MultiCare to quickly right-size its care model while still focusing on a superior patient experience and the high-quality care its community expects.

For executive leaders managing health systems with similar legacies of quality, meeting the changing demands of patients is time-sensitive. Attendees will learn first-hand the value of partnering to scale complimentary service lines that enable fewer avoidable emergency room visits, hospital admissions, or stays at skilled nursing facilities using an evolved hospital-like setting without walls. This enhanced approach to care empowers clinicians to go beyond traditional clinical treatment settings and meet patients where they are at, with the type of convenient care they are growing to expect.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine patient expectations in a post COVID-19 world and technology that solves all aspects of delivering healthcare to the home, including clinical logistics.
  • Discover the financial sustainability of these novel models and their application into the strategic plans of health systems.

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Presented By

Lindsley Withey, FACHE

Director, Healthcare Strategy

Christi McCarren, RN

Senior Vice President, Retail Health and Community-Based Care

Mark Prather