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After much discussion and consideration, the ACHE Board of Governors and leadership team have decided to cancel the 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership due to the need for leaders and healthcare organizations to manage their responses to coronavirus (COVID-19) within their communities. Learn more at

Malcolm T. MacEachern Memorial Lecture and Luncheon – The Politics of Healthcare

Tuesday, March 24th

About the Session

The politics of healthcare is every bit as complex as the policy of healthcare. As the 2020 election draws closer, it is crucial for healthcare leaders to be vigilantly aware of the current changes and proposed changes which will affect their organizations, staff, patients and communities. Ronald Brownstein, senior editor, The Atlantic, senior political analyst, CNN, and contributing editor, National Journal will provide insights of how changes in federal and state policy will remake the healthcare landscape and how the struggle of these policies is shaped by larger political competition. From coverage and cost, to risk shaping and regulation, he will provide a panoramic picture of how the current era is likely to change the equation for patients, caregivers, hospitals, payers and all involved in healthcare today.

Presented By

Ronald Brownstein

Senior Editor / Political Analyst / Contributing Editor
The Atlantic / CNN / National Journal