Leveraging a Virtual Workforce to Improve Engagement and Reduce Burnout

Tuesday, April 12th

About the Session

All healthcare organizations reacted to the pandemic in 2020, and some looked beyond the event itself to apply lessons learned to prepare their organization for the future. In this session, we will discuss the UC Davis Health journey in establishing a successful remote and hybrid work environment that complements traditional services provided on its campuses and that journey’s application to other healthcare organizations. With over 1,500 remote and hybrid workers in 20 different departments, the organization found that key elements could combine to serve as a framework for a permanent model that continues to fulfill the organization’s mission, vision, and values, maintain the safe and reliable delivery of care and services to the community, satisfy stewardship goals, and enhance UC Davis Health opportunity to become an employer of choice.

The key elements explored and covered by the speakers will include a) an analysis of the experiences of the individuals participating in the pilot program through survey and interview tools, b) the development of a framework for change dependent on a set of consistently used guiding principles, c) baseline expectations of job performance to enhance collaboration, productivity, and results, d) understand factors affecting team engagement to create success both professionally and personally, e) provide the critical tools needed beginning with an algorithm for leaders to use in deciding where work could be done to information technology and support required for employees to thrive. A specific case study, algorithm, templates and checklists will be provided.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine a framework to create a virtual work environment for your organization that results in workforce engagement in an efficient and effective model to fulfill its mission.
  • Utilize a template for successful implementation and adoption of this model in a complex and dynamic healthcare delivery system.


Presented By

Adam Higman, DHA, FACHE

Press Ganey

Ekta Vyas, PhD, SHRM-SCP

Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer
UC Davis Health