Lessons Learned in a COVID-19 NYC Hot Spot Hospital: The Richmond University Medical Center Experience

Presented By

Daniel Messina, PhD, FACHE

Richmond University Medical Center

Richard J. Salhany, FACHE

President, Richmond Health Network/Chief Administrative Officer
Richmond University Medical Center

Rosemarie Stazzone

COO/Chief Nurse Officer
Richmond University Medical Center

Margaret Pastuszko

Executive Vice President/COO/Chief Strategy Officer
Mount Sinai Health System
About the Session

This session will cover the three phases the Richmond University Medical Center experienced during the COVID-19 surge in New York City. In phase 1, hospital executives began to adjust to rapidly respond to an increase in virus cases, setting up an incident command and a visitor policy, realizing facility limitations and opportunities, relocating ambulatory infusion, and adjusting morgue capacity. Phase 2 involved the operational aspects, including workforce concerns; motivating employees; properly allocating medical manpower, personal protective equipment, and medical equipment; and telemedicine. Phase 3 will detail how RUMC handled activity during the height of the pandemic such as statistics, patient hot spots, infection control and behavioral health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze current patient surge and emergency response procedures in light of the severity of the recent pandemic.
  • Identify key strategies to be utilized during a pandemic or similar community healthcare crisis.