Leadership Insights: Building Sustainable Health Systems for the Future

Tuesday, April 12th

About the Session

Health systems have increasingly recognized their potential to help mitigate the enormous human impact on the world’s environment. They are also confronting their large carbon footprints: almost a tenth of U.S. carbon emissions can be traced to healthcare. Essential, safety-net hospitals are specifically focused on equity and see the disparate effects of environmental degradation on their vulnerable patients and communities. A resilient health system will need to act to decarbonize, reduce pollutants and waste, and work to protect at-risk populations in an era of climate change. To these ends, leading essential hospitals are implementing comprehensive sustainability plans. This interactive session will feature the leaders of two major health systems with nationally recognized, comprehensive sustainability initiatives. The panelists will focus on their efforts to enhance sustainability and decarbonize their health systems. They will identify the challenges these leaders face as they transform their organization to meet this global health challenge. The role of academic medicine in promoting sustainability will also be covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify effective health system practices to incorporate sustainability practices in an organization.
  • Define challenges faced by senior leaders as they navigate difficult choices with implications on finances, workflows and built environments.


Presented By

Bruce Siegel, MD

America's Essential Hospitals


Stony Brook University Hospital