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Lead Through Lean Boot Camp

Sunday, March 22nd

About the Session

The benefits of a Lean healthcare enterprise have been well-established, but the journey toward Lean is not always a straight line. Often, companies and health systems fail to harness the potential of Lean thinking because much of what seems obvious and easy to do is met with resistance and skepticism. Adherence to the Lean method is abandoned in favor of shortcuts, and the method is blamed when it was the execution that was flawed. The Lead Through Lean Boot Camp, which is equally beneficial for senior-level and early careerists, takes participants through a series of proof-of-concept exercises that will demonstrate and motivate people to embrace and implement Lean practices in a more consistent and effective manner. Healthcare-specific case studies will illustrate the potential of Lean, and the speaker will introduce a proven formula for applying Lean and demonstrate strategies to achieve the sustainability of Lean benefits. Participants will leave this session equipped with the capability for sustainable improvement based on the application of Lean principles in a healthcare setting.

Continental breakfast and lunch provided.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the principles of Lean thinking and identify tools to use in your organization that reduces waste and increases efficiencies.
  • Discover proven methods that make changes last and support organization-wide improvement.

Attendees will be able to download electronic session handouts prior to the beginning of this program. Please note no printed handouts will be provided.

Presented By

Ian R. Lazarus, LFACHE

Creato Performance Solutions