About the Session

The benefits of a Lean healthcare enterprise have been well-established, but the journey toward Lean is not always a straight line. The Lead Through Lean Boot Camp, which is equally beneficial for senior-level and early careerists, takes participants through a series of proof-of-concept exercises that will demonstrate and motivate people to embrace and implement Lean practices in a more consistent and effective manner. Healthcare-specific case studies will illustrate the potential of Lean, and the speaker will introduce a proven formula for applying Lean and demonstrate strategies to achieve the sustainability of Lean benefits. The pricing for attending this session is $1,015 for members and $1,215 for nonmembers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine principles of Lean thinking.
  • Identify tools to use in your organization that reduces waste and increases efficiencies.
  • Discover proven methods that make changes last and support organization-wide improvement.