Inspiring and Leading Change in Turbulent Times: Agility and Resilience in Healthcare Leadership

Wednesday, March 24
10:00am11:00am CDT

Presented By

Amer Kaissi, PhD

Author/Executive Coach/Professor, Healthcare Administration
Trinity University
About the Session

This program builds on video interviews and case studies developed in select healthcare organizations and on Kaissi’s experience as an executive coach, consultant and researcher to enable the participating executives to develop the skills needed for agile leadership. Agile healthcare leaders combine flexibility in adapting to change, speed in making informed decisions, and resilience through challenges and change. The participating executives will learn specific self-leadership, team-leadership, and organizational leadership skills and behaviors that will enable them to drive high performance, including patient, employee and physician engagement; quality and safety outcomes; and financial metrics. A behavioral change toolkit will be presented to the participating executives at the end of the program with specific focus on different situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the principles of agile leadership, including resilience, flexibility and speed.
  • Develop agile leadership skills and behaviors to inspire change and drive high performance and apply agile self-leadership, team and organizational leadership skills.

This session qualifies for 1.0 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit. Attendees must participate during the schedule time to earn ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit.