Innovation Re-Imagined: Looking at the Road Ahead

About the Session

Digital innovation in the healthcare industry had made significant progress before 2020 but had increased its trajectory due to the needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. That trajectory continues at a record pace in 2021.

The Center for Innovation at Houston Methodist has continued to foster a culture focused on medical science discovery and devices by allowing digital innovations to quickly move from concept to pilot to graduate (or rest-in-peace). With all disciplines—IT, legal, operations—at the DIOP (digital innovation obsessed people) table, the secret sauce of the Center is the passion that the people in DIOP bring to create innovation combined with an organization that is not apologetic about the disruption of its processes.

In 2020–2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, several strategic innovation initiatives were conceived before COVID and implemented during the pandemic. Some of these solutions have “graduated” and have demonstrated return on investment for the organization, including a system for tracking assets, monitoring call response time, and admitted patients tracking; a robust solution set for a connected inpatient room; artificial intelligence for the phone system; expansion of voice over typing; an AI-enabled personalized payment experience and revenue cycle solution; as well as expansion of robotic process automation. In addition to those solutions that are now fully enabled, the pipeline for the Center for Innovation has identified areas of needed investment for 2022–2025.

Houston Methodist will present the results from 2021’s lasting innovations as well as look at the 3-year trends and the pipeline of innovations to meet the needs of the population during that time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how the role of innovation must be at the center of every system’s strategy because the future of the healthcare system depends on our continued transformation.
  • Review key innovation trends that will shape healthcare in 3 years, examine how a large academic medical system prepares for the future, and identify and implement solutions.

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Presented By

LeTesha Montgomery, RN, FACHE

Vice President, Operations and Access, Houston Methodist
Houston Methodist

Roberta Levy Schwartz, PhD, FACHE

Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer
Houston Methodist

Murat Uralkan

Director of Innovation
Houston Methodist

Lisa Schillaci, CPA

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations
Houston Methodist

Brad Shaink

Administrative Director, Business Systems and Innovation, Information Technology
Houston Methodist