Hot Topic: The Employee Well-Being Ecosystem: Reimagining the Workplace of the Future

Tuesday, April 12th

About the Session

True, long-term, sustainable employee well-being can flourish only inside a healthy ecosystem. Many complex pieces must come together to shape an environment that makes work fulfilling, energizing and enriching; helps employees feel valued and creates a real sense of belonging; and ultimately, drives performance in all areas. The pandemic has necessitated reexamining how healthcare employees work based on the massive changes the field has experienced. Join leadership expert Quint Studer as he identifies interconnected components that work together and lay the groundwork for employee well-being—from leader mindsets to relationship-building skills to organizational excellence, communication and more. Now is the time to reshape the “new possible” and ready the healthcare field for the workplace of the future. When the ecosystem is working, employees thrive, leaders shine, patients heal and organizations prosper.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the core components of a healthy workplace ecosystem.
  • Identify approaches for fostering healthy workplace ecosystems to improve outcomes.


Presented By

Quint Studer

Healthcare Plus Solutions Group