Hot Topic: Recruiting and Retaining Key Talent in the New Age of Work

Wednesday, March 30th

About the Session

Our organizations and their leaders are in a state of transition and transformation, whether they want to admit it or not. People, not technology, will determine how these changes unfold. Organizations that can recruit, and retain, the “best talent” will have a competitive advantage, but how can leaders do so effectively? Through her expertise as an executive recruiter and builder of talent processes at Google and two global search firms, Ginny Clarke pulls the curtain back on how to be successful in these efforts, not just when hiring but throughout the employee life cycle. She explains the “pedigree myth” and shares how to make better decisions based on the ever-changing needs of the organization and in the global workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore effective approaches for recruiting and retaining strong talent in the healthcare workforce.
  • Describe approaches for navigating the needs of today’s healthcare workforce.


Presented By

Ginny Clarke

Former Director, Executive Recruiting