Hot Topic: Reclaiming Ambition: Creating the Post-Pandemic Healthcare System

Monday, April 11th

About the Session

As COVID enters its third year, the dramatic macroeconomic changes of the pandemic, including workforce dislocation and the competitive dominance of big tech, are becoming a more permanent part of the business environment. In addition, COVID has intensified deep-seated social problems that have plagued this country for generations, including health inequity and the inadequate public health infrastructure. Health systems will need greatly increased resources, intellectual capital, risk tolerance, and capabilities that health systems to tackle the related issues of health equity and public health within a fast-changing macroeconomic platform. And health systems will not be able to make a significant difference in these enormous societal problems without new levels of ideas, ambition, and aggressiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the impact of the current external environment on healthcare.
  • Describe strategies for healthcare organizations to succeed in the current environment.


Presented By

Kenneth Kaufman

Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC