Engagement & Innovation in a Post-COVID World: Practical Tools for Healthcare

Monday, April 11th

About the Session

This program builds on evidence from leadership and management studies, and on Dr. Kaissi’s experience as an executive coach, consultant and researcher, to enable the participating executives to develop the skills needed to foster engagement and innovation in their teams and organizations. Employee engagement and innovation are crucial, especially during times of uncertainty. This session argues that leaders that model and stimulate learning, open-mindedness and experimentation can play a major role in improving employee engagement. Moreover, leaders that build trust and psychological safety within their team can unleash the innovation and creativity of their teams and organizations. A behavioral change toolkit will be provided.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the principles of open-mindedness, humility and experimentation.
  • Develop leadership skills and behaviors that help strengthen employee engagement and unleash creativity and innovation in teams and organizations.


Presented By

Amer Kaissi, PhD

Professor, Healthcare Administration
Trinity University